Upcoming Events

For more information on events we will be hosting or attending either check the calendar above of or contact us.

Due to the covid-19 outbreak all scheduled live events are canceled till further notice.

We are currently looking into attending virtual conventions to host panel's, trainings, and workshops on varying subjects including how we use a blend cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and gaming to help create a positive change. We will be hosting events at this year's fundraiser event Save Against Fear for the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization The Bodhana Group. for more info on this event click here.

If you would like to see us attend a virtual convention or other such event online let us know. We have spoken at a variety of different events in the past such as Metatopia, PAX Unplugged, Edison's Young Men's conference, and others. We have spoken on topics such as "Help Wanted! Desperately Seeking Games to Promote Social Skills!", "Play Therapy: The Benefit of Games for People with Autism", and "Leadership: The Tabletop Way." 

When we feel it is safe to open to the public again, we plan to host a community game day in our new location at 1036 Amboy Ave, Edison, New Jersey 08837. Till then we will we be continuing virtual sessions with our clients. We look forward to opening back up when it is safe to, and inviting our new neighbors in Edison Township and all of its near by towns to our location for a family game day.


Till then stay safe

1036 Amboy Ave.
Edison, NJ 08837