Individual IIC

IIC- Individual services focus on working directly with the youth and family in the environment that is best suited for the kind of therapeutic growth they are looking to achieve. Through Perform Care we can go into your home and community to use a strength-based approach to addressing your needs.  

Las familias pueden solicitar terapia intensiva de grupo en la comunidad a través de PerformCare solicitando servicios de Gaming Approaches Towards Education, LLC


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Horas de operación24 horas al día, siete días a la semana

Teléfono gratuito1-877-652-7624

TTY (para personas con discapacidad auditiva)1-866-896-6975

We are now offering parent support groups.

We believe it takes a village to raise a child, a village full of support. Our parent support groups help parents build healthier relationships with their children, by learning how to communicate with them. If play is a childs language then its time we learn how to speak their language. In our groups we focus on the relationship between you and your child, your strengths, and your child's strengths, not the problem.